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VEROYOGA group classes

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Key biscayne community center

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Any Class, Any Day, Any Time !

Now you can take any VeroYoga class, any day,  and at anytime. Our on-demand video library provides you with constantly updated theme-inspired yoga classes of the three VeroYoga levels:
Now you practice VeroYoga whenever you want.

The 6 Elements of VeroYoga

My Education

I’ve dedicated my life to the study, and practice of all aspects yoga and its countless applications. Right from the start… Read more

My Experience

Founder of VeroYoga – for three decades, Veronica has been improving and sharpening a unique system that deepens the practice of yoga… Read more

My Mission

I’ve seen both sides of life, and I feel extremely grateful to all of the amazing people that help me get where I am today… Read more

Food Philosophy

A Plant-Based Diet Having a Yoga lifestyle often evolves three phases… Read more


What exactly are Chakras?  How do they function? Why are they important to us?  How can you work on them? Read more


Yoga provides a spiritual path but Yoga is Not a Religion and it does not interfere with any faith…Read more

You Should Also Know

VeroYoga is a unique yoga system which has been developed and refined over 3 decades of deep study from the best masters of the world as well as a lifetime of dedicated daily practice.

Veronica Vidal system offers 3 levels of practice: Gentle, Intermediate, and Advanced. Anyone can access the VeroYoga system through on demand online, privately as well as in group classes in Key Biscayne, Florida. She also offers webinars to corporations, foundations, schools and organizations throughout the United States and abroad.



Rent your favorite VeroYoga class anytime – Online or In Person Life Coach & Relationship Coach – Workshops – Media Interviews – Motivational Speaker – Corporate Wellness Webinars – College Webinars. Yoga Therapy – Yoga for Pregnancy – Yoga for Athletes – Yoga for the Elderly – Yoga for the Blind – Yoga for Kids/Teens – Yoga for Apnea Divers – Chakra Work – Health Coach – Private Yoga Classes. 

VeroYoga 2023 – Key Biscayne, FL 
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