Classes & Schedule

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Classes TimeClassTeacher
Sunday9:30 to 11:00 amMulti-level II Veronica Vidal
Monday8:30 to 10:00 amMulti-level I Veronica Vidal
Tuesday8:30 to 10:00 amGENTLE VeroYoga Veronica Vidal
Tuesday (evening)6:30 to 7:30 pmKIDS Yoga Nicole Mavris
Wednesday8:30 to 10:00 amMulti-level I Veronica Vidal
Wednesday (evening)7:00 to 8:00pmTEENS Yoga Nicole Mavris
Thursday8:30 to 10:00 amGENTLE VeroYoga Veronica Vidal
Friday8:30 to 10:00 amMulti-level I Veronica Vidal
  • Fees
  • Members
  • Non-Members
  • Adults
  • Single Class $18
    10 Class $130
  • Single Class $21
    10 Class $160
  • Kids/Teens
  • Single Class $12
    10 Class $100
  • Single Class $14
    10 Class $120

Individual Life Coaching and Private classes Available

Call 305-365-5483

All levels welcome! Powerful practice geared to awaken the spine, strengthen and purify the body, stimulate the energy flow and focus the mind.

Also: Meditation Workshops; Teacher Training Courses; Yoga Retreats; Kundalini Yoga; Pre-Natal Yoga; Yoga for Athletes.

For: Children 7 years or older, pregnant women, and the elderly. People with special needs can benefit from the power of Yoga Therapy (cancer patients, hypertension, anxiety, depression, chronic back pain, arthritis; handicap people (just to mention a few).



Yoga for anyone at any age or stage of life, in any physical condition. Beginners to advanced, including athletes in need of deep muscle restoration, people in search of stress-relief, seniors, pregnant women, as well as those dealing with injuries or ailments (some examples are: fibromyalgia, scoliosis, anxiety, hypertension, arthritis).  Great antidote to stress. Mindful movements combined with controlled breathing.

LEVEL I VeroYoga


Synchronize conscious breathing with a progressive
series of powerful and deep movements to
gain flexibility and strength. Bring oxygenation and health
to every muscle, tendon, articulation and organ of the
body. This unique yoga sequence has been meticulously designed to improve circulation and to stimulate rejuvenation in every cell. Main emphasis is placed on breath awareness to induce a calm state
of mind. This practice is a great complement for rigorous
athletic training. Pregnant women, beginners and students
at all levels are welcomed in this class.



Take your practice to the next level. Challenge your body and mind to discover new yoga horizons. This intense vinyasa-style practice offers a continuous flow of poses, strengthening and deeply opening different areas of the body as well as of the mind. Builds core strength and balance through inversions and arm balances.
This series is designed to help advance students in their yoga practice. Special emphasis is placed on breath awareness and stimulation of the chakra system (energy flow). It concludes with deep relaxation to reach stillness and calmness of mind.

KIDS and TEENS VeroYoga

KIDS ( Ages 7-12) Tue 6:30 pm

TEENS (Ages 13-18) Wed 7:00 pm
VeroYoga KIDS/TEENS  develop strong and flexible bodies as well as boost self-confidence. The practice of yoga KIDS/TEENS improve their posture and increase concentration. A  KID/TEEN who learns yoga, mindfulness and relaxation will be developing essential skills for a lifetime of health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.

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