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Yoga for All – athletes in need of muscle restoration, people in search of stress-relief, as well as those dealing with low back pain or injuries. Slower mindful movements combined with controlled breathing. This VeroYoga level is both, restorative and soft, as well as challenging and stimulating. Great antidote to insomnia, anxiety, stress related tension, and muscle stiffness. (All levels welcome)


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Synchronize conscious breathing with a progressive series of powerful movements to gain flexibility, balance and strength. This unique yoga sequence has been meticulously designed to build heat, to stimulate oxygenation, and to improve circulation, rejuvenating every system in the body. Induce a calm state of mind through breath awareness (Some yoga experience is required)


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Take your yoga to the next level and progress with this intense vinyasa-style practice. Explore a flow of strengthening and opening poses. Build core strength and enjoy the freedom of deep backbends, inversions, and arm balances. Find the edge of sensation that keeps you safe and strong. Previous experience required. Main emphasis is on breathing awareness and mindfulness.

  • Bridges science and holistic approach to well-being
  • Main emphasis on deep breathing techniques and breath awareness
  • Each session embraces a personal development theme
  • All sequences stimulate the chakra system (energy flow)
  • Work beyond the muscle level, and reach deep within the organic system
  • Deep relaxation and meditations to reach stillness and calmness of mind
  • Full body workout to sweat, strengthen, stretch, heal, and empower


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