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My Experience

  • Founder of VeroYoga – for more than three decades, Veronica has been improving and sharpening a unique system which deepens the practice of yoga at the physical, psychic, energetic and spiritual levels.
  • Life & Relationship Coach – Accredited and Certified . Completed Practitioner Training and Supervision in MBT (Mentalization Based Therapy). Virtual and in-person sessions available. 
  • World Happiness Summit  Fellow Founder of the World Happiness Movement. Chair of the Global Yoga Community Board for the World Happiness Summit: 2017, 2018, 2019  www.happinesssummit.world
  •  VeroYoga system bridges the traditional teachings of yoga with the demands of modern times. VeroYoga program is ALL INCLUSIVE. Based on five levels of instructions – from Beginners to Teacher Training Certifications – Also: yoga for children; children’s yoga summer camps; pre-natal and post-natal yoga; yoga for athletes; meditation workshops; special seminars and retreats.
  • Featured on CNN in Spanish, on several interviews since 2010 as well as on other media channels to speak as a master yoga teacher, health consultant and life coach. (please see media page: www.veroyoga.com/media/)
  • Featured in Lincoln Motors MKC ad campaign – Lincoln Latina National TV commercial for Univision, Telemundo and internet media channels in both English and Spanish on the subject of yoga (please see media page: www.veroyoga.com/media/)
  • Yoga Therapy Program: Yoga programs specifically focused for the elderly, the disabled, patients undergoing chemotherapy and post-surgical treatment, chronic arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and depression.
  • Yoga for the Blind: For the last few years Veronica has been teaching yoga for the blind at The Lighthouse of Broward assisting the visually impaired to feel confident in their bodies and stronger in their spirits.
  • Provided VeroYoga Teacher Training and Certification over several years in Miami, FL. VeroYoga’s TT specialize on the theory and practical applications of the Chakra System.
  • Designed Journey Through The Chakras – (Energy Centers) – a practical training system to implement the complex concept of the chakras (energy centers) as life.

…and Also

  • Co-Founder and Director, Ubuntu Yoga Studio, for 4 years in Napa Valley, California.
  • Yoga for Apnea Divers with Mayol Apnea Divers Team: For more than 10 years Veronica collaborated with Jean-Jacques Mayol, son of the legendary apnea diver Jacques Mayol, (on which was based the film “THE BIG BLUE”) with teaching yoga techniques and pranayama training of breath hold to apnea divers, to improve “bottom time” and for swimming with wild dolphins in Japan, Italy, Sweden, Bahamas, and the United States. www.teammayol.com
  • Yoga “Pilot” Program for Women’s Prison – Designed and successfully implemented a one year “pilot” yoga therapy program for the Mental Health Department of the high security women’s jail at the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in Vega Alta. Puerto Rico.
  • International Yoga Demonstrations – Traveled through Central America and Florida giving yoga demonstrations on television, universities and yoga conventions as yoga teacher under the guidance of Swami Brahamavidyananda Saraswati www.omsatyananda.com
  • Cancer Research Associate, Oncology Department, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL. Conducted cancer research at Dr. Krishan’s laboratory, presently at the Pathology Department, University of Miami Miller’s School of Medicine.
  • Veronica has traveled extensively across USA, South America and Europe giving workshops and specialty classes for yoga students as well as for yoga teachers.



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