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Why Yoga is a Spiritual Practice?

Yoga provides a spiritual path but Yoga is Not a Religion and it does not interfere with any faith.

Yoga is about teaching how to tune in with one’s inner peace regardless of whether one has or not faith in any particular religion. People of many different faiths — Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews — as well as agnostics and atheists, practice yoga because of its numerous benefits and life-enrichment. Many millions practice yoga for its asanas(physical exercises), which are known by many doctors around the world to promote both physical health and emotional well-being.

Similarly, many millions practice some form of yoga meditation in order to contact their higher consciousness, or commune deeply with their own understanding of a Higher Power. Many who practice yoga meditation are deeply religious, while many others who practice these meditations are agnostics seeking personal transformation.

Yoga trains the mind to be present, focused and equanimous to become resilient to the inevitable vicissitudes of life. Therefore, a yoga practitioner strives to live in an ongoing and progressively more joyous state of harmony by developing state of contentment and gratitude.



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