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Media and Workshop Inquires

Veronica Vidal has international experience in both the English and Spanish Media Markets. She has conducted countless presentations on several subjects on wellness in different parts of the world.

Veronica has been referred to by many as a highly motivational and inspirational speaker who effectively combines her vast unique experiences and knowledge into an engaging unique conversation style. Listed below are some of the topics Veronica speaks on, as well as a list of recent presentations and media appearances:

  • Yoga and the Mind
  • Nutrition for the brain
  • The Secret to a Positive Attitude
  • Chakras  as life’s transformers
  • Yoga and Diet  for arthritis
  • Alleviating Depression and Anxiety
  • The Power Of Feminine Energy
  • Benefits of Pre-Natal Yoga
  • 3 Keys for effective communication
  • The five Ds for success
  • Journey Through the chakras
  • Benefits of yoga for the Silver years
  • Cultivating Contentment 
  • and many more…

To invite Veronica to give a presentation, a media interview, or a workshop, please use the contact page



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