My Mission

I’ve seen both sides of life, and I feel extremely grateful to all of the amazing people that helped me get to where I am today. I know I could have not made it alone. Now that I feel so fortunate, I want to give back at least in part, so much that I’ve received.

This is why my mission and passion is to make this world a better place by using every moment that I have to touch the people in my life.

Whether it is by teaching a yoga class, offering a coaching session, giving a workshop, or TV interview, my mission remains the same: to help one person at a time.

Believe – Overcome – Empower

I have devoted my life to studying, researching, acquiring, and personally implementing an arsenal of proven and practical tools that would bring well being to myself and others.

I am focused on results and commit to helping those that put their trust in me, to achieve the life they desire and deserve.

My aim is to provide holistic resources to support growth and happiness to all.

VeroYoga and VeroLife Coaching programs intended to support people to believe in themselves, to overcome challenges, and most of all to become empowered.

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