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5 Dimensions of Well-Being

What does well-being look like to you? When you envision someone who is “well” and “healthy” what comes to mind? What factors do you think influence wellness? Emotional Well-Being: How can you become more effective in these abilities? The ability to accept yourself and successfully cope with the challenges life brings; ability to identify how […]

Inner Peace: 6 Easy Tips

True inner peace is independent of external conditions and circumstances. Inner peace is available only through looking inward, and can only and ever occur in the present moment. Here are 6 simple tools to tap into your INNER PEACE 1. Meditate Every Day Even if its for 5 minutes. Take out the time to breathe and […]

Practicing Resilience

REFLECTING ON RESILIENCE:  In a nutshell, resilience can be defined as is the remarkable ability of humans to adapt when faced with adversity, as well as the ability to “bounce back” from disappointment- failure- loss, feeling stronger, wiser, and more determined than ever. Resilience is about experiencing all of the negative, difficult, and distressing events that life […]

5 Steps for Letting Go

Letting go is about accepting what is happening right now, and not worrying about what will come up tomorrow. Fully accepting the situation as it is without constantly wishing it would be different, is the way to get on the road of being OK. And this isn’t limited to accepting situations. We have to start […]

Reflecting On Gratitude In Times of Hardship

Several studies have found that more grateful people experience less depression and are more resilient following traumatic events. Multiple studies have found that people with higher levels of dispositional gratitude have signs of better psychological health, including higher levels of perceived social support and lower levels of stress, depression, and anxiety. Let me share 4 […]

Que es Yoga Nidra?

¿Que es Yoga Nidra? Antes de responder a esta pregunta, déjame preguntarte algo … ¿Sabías que todas las noches justo antes de que nos quedemos dormidos y todas las mañanas antes de que estemos completamente despiertos nuestros cerebros producen ondas alfa? Este patrón de actividad de las ondas cerebrales se asemeja al de alguien que […]

What Is Yoga Nidra?

What is Yoga Nidra? Before I answer this question, let me ask you something…Did you know that every night right before we fall asleep and every morning just before we are fully awake our brains produce alpha waves? This pattern of brain wave activity resembles that of someone who is very relaxed, yet awake. Alpha […]

Finding Peace in Difficult Times

When a community is hit by a natural disaster, a shooting or a large societal issue, lives are lost or shattered by physical injury, the loss of homes and jobs. We try to make sense of what happened and deal with the stress of the situation. Through these challenging times… We become resilient             We […]

The Science of The Breath

Breathing is everything. Rather, correct breathing is everything. It can be the difference between a super-strong pain-free body and one that’s under constant Cortisol distress and full of instability. When you take a deep breath in and your diaphragm contracts down, it stimulates the vagus nerve. When the vagus nerve is stimulated, this sends a message back […]

WOHASU 2018 – Video Presentation.

Learn how to access the power that lies within you! As the Chair of the 2018 Global Yoga Community Board for The World Happiness Summit- (WOHASU),  I felt honored to also have been invited to provide a presentation alongside world leaders in the science of happiness. Because the pursuit of happiness is such a personal journey […]