Upcoming Presentation: The Power of the Breath

Learn how to access the power that lies within you.

As the Chair of the Global Yoga Community Board for The World Happiness Summit- March 16-18,  I feel excited to invite you to learn from world leaders in the field of happiness,  how you can enhance all aspects of your life. 

Be sure to join me as I present “The Power of the Breath”  at the World Happiness Summit (WOHASU), Sunday, March 18 at 9:05 am.

Breathing correctly is the path to self-healing. Besides transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide through the bloodstream, how else do you think the breath contributes to our health and well-being?Use the promo code VEROYOGA to receive 20% discount.

Use the promo code VEROYOGA to receive 20% discount.

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In VeroYoga we bridge the classical teachings of ancient yoga to our modern times and life demands.

The 6 Elements of VeroYoga

My Education

I’ve dedicated my life to the study, and practice of all aspects yoga and its countless applications.
Right from the start, I was born to… Read more

My Experience

Founder of VeroYoga – for three decades, Veronica has been improving and sharpening a unique system which deepens the practice of yoga… Read more

My Mission

I’ve seen both sides of life, and I feel extremely grateful to all of the amazing people that help me get where I am today.  I know I could have … Read more

Food Philosophy

Plant Based Diet
“Make a compassionate choice”
Yoga often evolves in three phases: from being self-centered… Read more



What exactly are Chakras?  How do they function? Why are they important to us?  How can they be worked on? Let me start by saying that… Read more



Yoga provides a spiritual path but Yoga is Not a Religion and it does not interfere with any faith.
Yoga is about teaching how to…Read more


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VeroYoga is a unique yoga system which has been developed and refined not only over 3 decades of deep study from the best masters of the world but also over a lifetime of dedicated daily practice.

Veronica Vidal teaches her VeroYoga system through private and group classes in Key Biscayne, Florida, as well as providing workshops throughout the United States and abroad.

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